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The 19 Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles – Thrillist.com

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On-demand weed for when you’ve got that 420 feeling.

As one of the world’s top weed destinations, Los Angeles (and the West Coast in general) is flush with medical and recreational dispensaries, making it hard to narrow down your options. In March 2020, governor Gavin Newsom deemed the cannabis industry essential, giving local dispensaries the all-clear to continue operating with specific COVID protocols. Many took it as an opportunity to expand their services to include delivery and no-contact pickup, making it even more convenient to buy legal weed in LA—a truly impressive feat.

With 4/20 around the corner and the city of Los Angeles slowly making its way back towards normalcy, you might be in the mood to celebrate by indulging in some top-shelf Cali green. And rather than foist you into the wilds of WeedMaps where you’re sure to be overwhelmed by seemingly endless options, we’ve done the stoney work for you. Here are our top LA dispensaries with incredible cannabis products that continue to pass the vibe check and keep their customers safe in the process.

Pineapple Express

Mobile delivery
This Black-owned delivery service is as speedy as its name suggests. Despite being a mobile operation, customer service is top-notch and more personal than many established delivery services. Daily deals include 10-30% off staff picks on Sundays and special member discounts on Mondays and Wednesdays. Pineapple Express is also one of the few ways you can get Sherbinskis products delivered to your door, so you can have your watermelon gummy and eat it too.
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