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The team at Pineapple, Inc. features some of the cannabis industry’s most experienced visionaries in the business. Our team has had a vast array of prior business experiences assisting many entrepreneurs through the challenging obstacles of the legal cannabis industry. We are now monetizing that prior experience into existing operations leveraging our powerful branding and operational efficiencies.



Some might say it is a “meteorological phenomenon.” Others classify it as a hybrid strain of Cannabis. However, for investors, industry insiders, and burgeoning canna-businesses, it is something very different… Pineapple, Inc. [OTC: PNPL] is a publicly traded company in the legal cannabis industry that through its portfolio of assets offers operational management, technology, IP licensing, Cannabis property rentals, and owns equity in cannabis retail and production facilities.


Pineapple, Inc. through our operating subsidiary Pineapple Express Consulting, Inc., as well as our portfolio asset, Pineapple Ventures, Inc. (“PVI”) we provide capital to our canna-business clientele, lease real properties to those canna-businesses, take equity positions and manage those operations, and provide consulting and technology to develop, enhance, or expand existing and newly formed infrastructures. Pineapple Express is built to become the leading portfolio management company in the U.S. cannabis sector.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, Pineapple, Inc., the Company’s executive team blends enterprise-level corporate expertise with a combined three decades of experience operating in the tightly-regulated cannabis industry. Pineapple Express’s strategic asset integration has provided it with the infrastructure to support its subsidiaries with cost-effective access to all segments of the vertical: from cultivation and processing, to distribution, retail and delivery. With its headquarters also in Los Angeles, California Pineapple Express’s portfolio company, PVI, is rapidly increasing its footprint throughout the state and looking to scale into underdeveloped markets.