//Patented Technology (US 9642476) – “Top Shelf” Safe Display System
Patented Technology (US 9642476) – “Top Shelf” Safe Display System2020-03-02T08:28:28+00:00


Announcing the Patented “Top-Shelf” System for Marijuana Dispensaries

Unique invention combines 4 critical components required of canna-businesses and offers “real-time” inventory tracking and increased security

The patented Top-Shelf Display Safe System (patent #9,642,476) exclusively developed for the Company by one of its founders, converts four critical components of the current dispensary model and combines them into a single, technologically advanced, and stylish unit. The system allows for a dispensary operator to:

  • Safely and attractively display cannabis products,
  • Secure all products in an armored exterior safe with interior locked compartments that are climate controlled and light deprived,
  • Weigh all products in real-time using dozens of electronic scales housed in the locked compartments within the unit that are automatically unlocked as transactions occur at the integrated point-of-sale software,
  • Transmit real-time inventory data to the integrated point-of-sale and inventory management system, and
  • Authenticate transactions to consumers for legal compliance and record-keeping purposes.

Industry Focused Compliance Technology

The Company believes the Top-Shelf system could be the most powerful management tool available to cannabis dispensaries today. The system will also have the ability to work in concert with popular POS systems currently in use by dispensaries.

The Company has contracted with Pulse Design Group, an award-winning design firm with over 10 years of product design and manufacturing experience, to develop and produce the Top-Shelf system. The Company anticipates production and sales of the Top-Shelf system to commence in the third quarter of 2018 with a target retail price of $25,000. Lease and financing options will be made available to dispensaries on approved credit.